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[Closed] *~Android Holiday 4* Special~*
RE: *~Android Holiday 4* Special~* - Still Open!! 12-24-2014, 09:28 AM
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(12-23-2014 08:51 AM)Syluns Wrote:  IGN: Syluns
Prize: int and fast cherufe
Favourite holiday present: well, what i got was not really a present, but i consider it as a present lol. I got this present around 3 years ago. It was a short video of my friend saying merry christmas and so on. It was so simple actually, but i was touched by his effort to give this small christmas present. Since its rare for me to get christmas present, so this video is precious to me. Smile
Big Grin awww Thank you, sent!!
(12-24-2014 01:48 AM)Super Elite Divine Warrior Wrote:  IGN: Sir Coco (2nd time give priority to other players too np) Big Grin
Prize: Chao Hantu Raya and Cool Sharabha
Favourite holiday present: When i was 4 years old my present box was really big so i couldn't have imagine what was there. When i finally open it was full of papers. Was it a fake present? That's what i thought. But in the last paper there was a name my uncle's name which is John. I felt so bad that nothing was inside. In the next day i thought why the present was empty? And why in the paper there is a name John instead of Nicholas (Santa Claus)? Well 1 year later all my depression left having learned that Santa Claus is fake. However, my uncle is a sailor and he brought me a present and say to me learn to not be greedy and the Santa Claus is in your heart! Moreover inside the present was a big playmobil castle. I have it even now and when i see it it brings me such a great memories

wow what a harsh lesson!! But it ended up being a cool present!! Thank you, sent!


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