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[Closed] *~Android Holiday 5* Special~* Scavenger Hunt
[Closed] *~Android Holiday 5* Special~* Scavenger Hunt 12-27-2014, 02:17 PM (This post was last modified: 01-09-2015 05:42 PM by BoomerBaby.)
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This time the theme is the 12 Days of Christmas!! Sorry I was busy and so technically this is the 2nd..day..but whatever!! I'll be giving away a 5* Guardian for every one of the 12 days!! :DDDD

So it's going to be a mix of activities, Scavenger Hunt style..mostly you are just answering my questions, and whoever gets it MOST correct FIRST wins*!!

This is aimed at the lower-middle ranking people who are trying to raise their ranks! Please don't answer if you DO NOT REQUIRE THE CARD FOR YOUR COLI DECK!! You *May* PM the answer to a newer player to help him get it right; in fact some of these questions may not be answerable by newer players!!!! OMG!! Why am I so cruel?!?! And on Christmas, no less!

[Image: EC5.jpg]

  • Anyone found, or suspected of, having multiple GCF accounts will be Banned immediately without question.
  • Main IGNs only; NO ALTS
  • You may enter ALL *~Android Holiday Special~* Giveaways!
  • First come, first serve. If you forget to type out, OR you mis-spell your IGN, I'll skip you and give the Prizes to the next person
  • Each question may have it's own qualifications needed TBA
  • I reserve the right to choose the winner based on anything I feel like, regardless of eligibility or quickness. Reminder, THIS IS INTENDED FOR LOWER RANK PLAYERS, if you have 2-3 AceRs in your deck...pm the answer to someone who actually needs the card!
  • No Edits! Editing your entry post invalidates your entry!

Entry Template:

IGN: abc123
Coli Rank: A+ Master's
Day #: 53 (Please match the Day # I post with the Question You are ANSWERING!)
Answer: It was Titan!! In the kitchen!! With a CAPE!!

Thank you to all the crazy people who upgraded my deck for me over the last 12 months!! Waay too many to list!!


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