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[Closed] *~Android Holiday 4* Special~*
RE: *~Android Holiday 4* Special~* - Still Open!! 12-28-2014, 06:09 PM
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(12-27-2014 08:40 PM)Belal Wrote:  IGN: Belal
Prize: -Brave Pemphredo and -Chao Umbral Mermaid
Favorite Holiday Present: I was always taught to value all holiday presents, and appreciate the act of giving in itself, so rather than say favorite, I'll say the most memorable, which was the original NES contra game. I initially opened up the package to a pair of underwear, and I would guess that I remember being much more thankful than I actually was, but hidden beneath was the coveted contra game. I still remember playing the game with my dad and brother.

Thank you for all the holiday giveaways.
Ahh Yeah I think memorable was the word i should've used Big Grin Thanks, Sent!!
(12-28-2014 06:39 AM)Lerego Wrote:  IGN: Lerego
Prize: -Pow Sai Tai Sai
-Chao Adad
-Int Nanave
-Fast Pazuzu
-Fast Talos
-Fast Mitra
-Chao Umbral Mermaid
-Brave Pemphredo
What was your favorite Holiday present ever received (minimum 3 sentences): My favourite present I ever received was a Turtle Ninja game for SNES when I was about 10 years old. In fact, I most liked this gift because I made my mom thinks I still belived in Santa. Some months earlier I asked her to give me that game and she didn't, so on xmas eve I went to the xmas tree and write down a paper to Santa and put on a socket asking him to give me the game. On xmas I spent all day on bed, to give my mom time to buy the game. So she did. When I got out of my bed I found the game under the tree and got happy. Some years later she told her friends that I used to belive in Santa, then I told her the truth and she laugh at me saying if Santa really existed he hadn't give me that present because I lied Tongue
LOL Well idk why im giving you these Guardians instead of coal!! Sent you all I had left (some guardians you asked for were given away already)


And with that, I now close this Giveaway!!! Any remaining 4* cards will be moved to the other giveaways Big Grin


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