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Code of Conduct

Welcome to our community!
We would wish to have a meaningful community, and we expect that everybody is mature enough to respect one another. We also understand that this may be subjective, so here are the expectations forum-wide:
    General Behavior
  • No name-calling, derogatory terms, or insults towards another person in any context whatsoever.
  • Be respectful to one another. What you post is your own responsibility, and you will be held accountable for it.
  • If you have a problem with another user, contact any of the mods.
    DO NOT make a thread to complain or insult. This solves nothing.

    General Posting
  • Stick to the topic imposed by the title of the thread.
  • Post topics in the right sections.
    For example, if you're posting about something about the Japanese version of Guardian Cross, post in the Japanese section!
  • Topics and posts unrelated and/or redundant to the forum will be either merged, moved, or deleted as necessary without notification.
  • No spam allowed. Spammers, especially spambots, will be banned.
  • Posting links to promote other sites will result in warnings or bans.

  • Please only use English in posting as much as possible. Japanese is allowed in the Japanese section of the forum.
  • Posting small bits (but not entire posts) in another language is allowed in respective country-based alliance topics in the Strategic Alliances section.
  • You can PM your friends and speak in whatever language you want, but for threads you must speak in English.

  • Reputation (rep) should only be given for trades. Reputation should include what were traded.
  • Asking for reputation is not allowed.
  • (-1) reputation should only be used if a trade happened. (0) or no reputation at all may be given otherwise.
  • Please follow the reputation requirements when creating or taking part in auctions and giveaways.
  • Warnings or negative reputation may be given for abuse of the reputation system.

  • Scamming other players is strictly prohibited. Those found to have scammed may be banned without prior notice.

  • Those found involved in hacking the game (i.e. using exploitations to change bad type cards to Aces/good types, gifting bound items, etc.) may put other players at great risk. As such, they may be instantly banned without notification or warning.

    Leveling, Stoning, and Rebirth Services
  • Leveling services, stoning services, and rebirth services are not allowed, mainly because they are heavily prone to scamming. This includes selling of account-bound items such as Prismatic Slimes, Black Slimes, and IV stones.

    Referral Services
  • Referral services for Guardian Cross Invitational and Comeback campaigns, as well as any other game for that matter, are strictly forbidden, and may result in a ban.
  • Referral service refers to posting a topic that mentions the topic starter using her/her device(s) to give referrals to other people.
  • Forum members may post their own codes in the "Invite and Referral Codes" section instead.

  • Having more than one account within this forum is strictly prohibited, and will result in bans across all accounts involved.

    Real Money Trading (RMT)
  • Real money trading, questions or answers about real money trading is not allowed in this forum. Those involved in RMT will be punished immediately with a permanent ban, if evidence is found.
  • Proof of RMT on other sites will also result in an immediate ban.

    Cross Trades
  • Only cross trading between International, Japanese, and Android versions of Guardian Cross is allowed in these forums, and must be posted in the Cross Version Trades section.
  • Cross trading involving others games, even Deadman's Cross, is not publicly allowed. Cross game trade attempts on this forum may result in immediate ban.

    Gambling, Betting, and Raffles
  • Gambling and betting are not allowed in this forum.
  • Raffles, a giveaway in which the person hosting the giveaway requests others to send him/her any items in-game or otherwise, are not allowed. This does not apply to submitting entries, for example, in art or any creative talent-based giveaways.

    Trading Ace/R cards
  • For trading Ace/R cards, you have to gain a reputation of 15(iOS) and 10(Android) first. Breaching this rule will result in severe penalties.

    Advertising Topics
  • Advertising of auctions and trade threads are not allowed. Please place links in signatures instead.
  • Only Android auctions may be advertised, but only in this topic.

  • Putting a moderator on ignore list will result in a ban, especially if discovered during an investigation.
  • Manipulating loop holes in the rules on multiple occasions will result in warnings or a ban.

Violations of any of the rules above will result in warnings, based on succession:
  1. A temporary 20% warning
  2. A permanent 50% warning
  3. A permanent 100% warning
  4. A week ban or posting privileges revoked
  5. Permanent Ban

Please take some time to read some additional guidelines before making a topic in the forum:
Questions and Answers, Reputation rules
Tips and Tricks Guidelines
Strategic Alliance Guidelines
Trade Section Rules
Auction Rules (iOS)
Auction Rules (Android)
Giveaway Rules
Reporting a Scammer
Japanese Section Trade Rules

There are no specific rules in the Lounge besides the general Code of Conduct

You can post your suggestions, concerns, and complaints about the forum in the Forum Suggestion section.

The Forum Team

Here are the Priority of the Mods:

  1. The forum Administrator, Owner, and Founder (green) - NeoCHI
  2. Super Moderator Judiciary Team (yellow) - Alan, Tarothin
  3. Super Moderators (yellow)
  4. Moderators (orange)
  5. Trade Moderators (purple)
If you have a problem, send a message to any of the online moderators. If you want, you can even send a message to the administrator, but just don't expect a fast response because the admin is not as available.

Overall, have fun, and don't forget the people you're talking to are humans too. Smile

- The Mod Team

This forum is not an official forum for the game Guardian Cross, and is not affiliated with Square Enix in anyway. Please contact Square Enix, if you have a direct problem with the game.

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