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[Read before Posting] Q&A Subforum Rules and Acct/Rep Abuse
[Read before Posting] Q&A Subforum Rules and Acct/Rep Abuse 02-18-2013, 11:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2013 11:33 PM by Mystogan.)
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Please read all of the following or you risk getting permanent warnings or having your threads deleted.

Please read and follow the rules below when posting new threads:

This section is for:

Q&A --> Questions related to specific gameplay
E.g. This card and that card, which should I keep?
E.g. What's the best type for XXX card?
E.g. What is the best line-up for my deck?

Threads will be moved to the correct sub forum without warning. If you can't find your posts, use the "User CP" or "Search" options to access. Please follow the rules, or your posts may be deleted without prior warnings.


Regarding Reputation Points/Multi Accounts/Code of Conduct...

The reputation system is not to be abused.
Reputation should ONLY BE GIVEN FOR TRADES. Reputation lines should include WHAT CARDS WERE TRADED FOR WHAT CARDS.


The moderators have seen NUMEROUS examples of IP addresses with anywhere from 2-6 accounts registered to them. DO NOT DO IT. WE CAN SEE IT AND WE WILL BAN ALL OF YOUR ACCOUNTS AND YOUR IP. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for you to have 5 accounts on the same IP address unless you are up to no good. It will not be tolerated. For the time being we are giving users a chance to explain themselves, but due to the high number of instances of scammers coming back with new accounts and scamming again, WE WILL BE BANNING YOUR IP IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 1 ACCOUNT AND ANY OF THEM HAS SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY.

No Name-calling, Derogatory Terms et cetera
Be Respectful to one another
Stick to the topic imposed by the title of the thread
Threads unrelated to the forum will be either deleted or moved to a more fitting forum without notification
We do not own Guardian Cross or anything related to it. Contact Square Enix if you have a direct problem with the game.


Thank you. I hope you can all understand that these rules are here for the community. Myself, and the other Mods, and Neo, are here trying to make this a safe place to do in-game business. Frankly, the level of abuse of the safeties we have put in place is disgusting, and we will do everything we can to make sure it stops.

Credit goes to Rooksbook,Windy and Sorairo for writing the rules!

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RE: [Read before Posting] Q&A Subforum Rules and Acct/Rep Abuse 02-19-2013, 03:45 AM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2013 09:06 AM by Sorairo.)
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Post =====================================================

Please do note that the section was closed previously for the following reasons:
- persistent use of General section for questions "as there are more people here".
- increased clutter for questions that should be in the Q&A section.
- persistent ignoring of forum rules to post in the appropriate sections.
- underutilisation of the Q&A section.


Since the entire have come to a consensus that the Q&A section is necessary, we will be enforcing the appropriate creation of threads strictly at 02-20-2013 00:00 hours, system time. (check the bottom of the index page)

This is to ensure that clutter in other sections are not dominated by unrelated posts, and effective usage of the Q&A section. As such, these measures will be put in place to encourage compliance:

- 1st violation: 50% warning
- 2nd violation: ban (1 week)
- 3rd violation: ban (permanent)

Please note that our intention is to educate forum users on how best to utilise our system and maximise the experience of everyone on the whole.

As you can see, this system requires someone to intentional disrupt the way the subsections function to be banned. Banning is really a measure of last resort for recalcitrant users who do not wish to be a part of the community.

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