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Game goodbye....
Game goodbye.... 01-10-2017, 01:30 AM
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Firstly thank you for all I've met and traded with it's been a good ride! (Pours one out for the lost/remembered) Also a BIG shoutout to Viking and the other vets for the help/cards along the way. Even when I put it down for a while and came back.

I don't think the developers really got it... hear me out please I don't think they did much because if they did they would have understood the fan base wasn't from the monotonas hunts or really the main quest a lot of us prob never finished (I didn't) lol but from the community. I know we spent loads of money even with the hacks around and that drove everyone to share cards. Sometimes in trades not to your benefit... and it was ok. It was honestly truly evident by the shutdown. Over a week on the same cards. Still stinginess by not opening all the courses etc. past game shutdowns they've went completely wild! This one...you got Levi.....just saying hahaha the servers def woulda handled it we had LOADS of 5*s against the servers prior. It's kinda like they are keeping one foot in the door to me? I'll step off my soap box, but I just think SE coulda really went out with one hell of a bang and they fu&$ed it up. Like the meme "when I die I want dayshift to lower my casket so they can let me down one last time" hahaha ?

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