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Skillset Neit
Skillset Neit 01-03-2017, 02:50 PM
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Hi Everyone

shoud i keep the Attribute Evasion or the Phy Evasion
I'm not really sure how that Sap MP attack works
Does she Sap then IronFist ?

thanks for reading

NHT : Brave S. Banshee, Cool Baha., Int/Cool/Fast Gilga., Int Azi D., Pow Poseidon, Chao LOC, Brave Idun ol, Int Ceth,brave high meph, fast angra
SHT : Brave Gandharva, Chao DZ, Chao Ryujin, Int. Iblis, Cool Sneg, Int. HMeph.
, Chao FFXiii Odin, fast anima, cool yo, pow Valfor, LTitan Chao, Fast SE, Ace LI
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