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BLVCK Refusing a trade can't make you a scammer but below can
Exclamation BLVCK Refusing a trade can't make you a scammer but below can 09-03-2016, 02:12 PM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2016 03:48 PM by Krunch.)
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Asking for stones for a card that I own is something that I can decide I do have that liberty it was you who got another card and paid with stones from Chot and broke the initial trade so you can change the cards you promise to trade knowing I need stones but I can't have the same Liberty I simply refused to move on with this trade and I simply tried to say it takes 25 30 iii to stone him so I taught what I asked for was ok I mistyped 1500 iii and apologized and said well yeah iknow that is not what it takes he offered almighty sonic Lugh for alm intR Gabriel I asked 15 iii than you told me you got that card so I still need stones more than your card so I refused that happens all the time here ,you don't stamp a negative rep for a simple miscommunication or a simple refusal that was polite .I could have just written this very same thing here but it goes beyond that .But RMT through multiple accounts is the issue I got messaged by several people on my friends list about you Trev52, Trxhn and few more but I saw you on the board and gave you the benefit of doubt and said yes to your intial trade ,On this board I made offers to sartourius , hunterace, skjung and many others and they didn't like my offer or last minute they changed their minds because they have the right to I did not give a single negative comment because I know they are no scammers and for a trivial trade disagreement I would never bad rep anyone so why you because you ?unfortunately you are one so I guess time will tell your future trades will tell I only wrote what I believe to be true .company will also investigate I called them immediately also messaging through line ?fishy and something the board can't track which fits the profiles of several RMT people who believe it's stupid to pay for coins and smarter , more profitable to buy the cards through pay pal western union etc so this is what my problem is ,not a trade not going the way it should have gone like you hoped because sometimes it doesn't , it's mutual respect plus I have nothing to gain from repping you the way I did .I have gone after the biggest scamming chain The Guardian Cross Facebook card sale and many names that purchased from there or traded with it's owners came from the third party security firm I contacted the mods gave them the info that I can but I am so sick of this now at this point that you can't do even the simplest of trades and have to write explanations that can almost fill a portion of book. So whoever you are and you intend to trade with this individual that is a personal choice , Well I wrote what I believe to be true , mods can find my accusations extreme and block my rep. or something else , I have to leave that to their discretion .lets leave the accusations apart for a moment and look at what he was fixed on which is becoming a problem in the forum ,the trade in discussion, he is telling me I broke what we agreed on well so did you actually by getting the Gabriel that you said you get from me for the stones I need ,you broke this simple trade first and told me you don't need her anymore well cool but what about me I still need the stones so I don't have the right to change my mind like you did and do something else with my card.?
The accusations it's the main issue our friend can't sink in here ,fear of exposure well I already explained that so that is up to the moderators to take it seriously or not or find me too rash and do nothing and punish me instead so I guess we covered everything .As for proof I gave proof here with pictures chat logs about who is trading the cards or purchasing the cards from Guardian cross store Facebook page ,emailed stuff that is company property uploaded pictures months ago ,so now I am to ask the people to pm me to warn me about this guy again ?If mods see it unjust can take the reputation off there , that's why they are here to ensure balance and protect us from each other in a way Smile so if mods think I am at fault I was and was too rash I ll take the punishment, and he can move on , eventually mods will decide.i am exhausted of scam threading honestly but it just won't stop.
But I know that things will work it self out one way or another, I apologize from mods and our members from having them to read this but it is what it is, please accept my apologies for making you read this but I was in a way forced to respond and explain why I gave such a reputation where in two years I never have for such a small thing . Anyway wish everyone an awesome weekend and best of luck for the insane hunt towards krusegionn which is getting crazyDodgy

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