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Krunch:Colerimiz 09-03-2016, 11:36 AM
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Requestor's Forum Nick: BLVCK
Requestor's IGN: BLVCK

Trader's Forum Nick: Krunch
Trader's IGN: Colerimiz
iOS or Android: iOS
Issue Type: Trade Scam
Description of the problem: See Below

Below: Our PM history for this trade.
[Image: 350jdon.jpg]

Below: The Trader changing the terms of the trade in game.
[Image: nxl1u9.jpg]

Below: I reminded the Trader that our trade was 1 card for 1 card.
[Image: 2urwn4k.jpg]

Below: I told the Trader if he wasn't going to honor his initial trade, I'd just get it elsewhere. Also there is no card that can hold that many stones. I'm assuming since I'm new he thought he could pull this off?
[Image: wu3x5g.jpg]
[Image: 25uhesn.jpg]

At 09:58AM I left a Reputation Report on his page like I am supposed to after trade encounters.
"Negative (-1): Changed terms of the agreement once the agreement was made. 1:1 card trade turned into 45III for an improper rebirth of a card that is not current. I had to take the card out of a previous trade possibility to set this up, do not recommend."

At 11:19AM I received a Reputation Report on my page stating the following.
"Negative (-1): This gamer is a scammer , after 2 years of trading almost got scammed Do Not Trade With Him .gift scam stone scam RMT."

I do not enjoy my reputation being spat on by someone who obviously didn't get to rip off another sap. I have been receiving messages from this Trader in game stating that he is contacting Square Enix to get me banned for scamming him claiming this is a duplicate account of mine. I am posting this so that if people trade with him, they are aware of the kind of individual he is. This is also being posted because this brings into question if he has attempted to scam other new players.

[Image: 2hz5v5y.png]
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RE: Krunch:Colerimiz 09-03-2016, 12:13 PM (This post was last modified: 09-03-2016 12:17 PM by BLVCK.)
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(09-03-2016 12:05 PM)Krunch Wrote:  Asking for stones for a card that I own is something that I can decide I do have that liberty it was you who got another card and paid with stones from Chot which is fine but I have mentioned the fact that I needed stones you offered almighty sonic Lugh for alm intR Gabriel I asked 15 iii than you told me you got that card so I still need stones more than your card so I refused that happens all the time here you don't stamp a negative for simple miscommunication or a simple refusal that was polite .I could have just written this very same thing here but it goes beyond that board should check your ip for sure but RMT through multiple accounts is the issue I got messaged by several people on my friends list about you Trev62 but I saw you on the board and gave you the benefit of doubt and said yes to your intial trade ,On this board I made offers to sartourius , huntersve, skjung and many others and they didn't like my offer or last minute they changed their minds because they have the right to I did not give a single negative comment because I know they are no scammers and for a trivial trade disagreement I would never bad rep anyone so why you because you unfortunately are one so I guess time will tell your future trades will tell I only wrote what I believe to be company will also investigate so it is what it is my problem is not a trade going the way it should have because sometimes it doesn't , it's mutual respect plus I have nothing to gain from repping you the way I did .I have gone after the biggest scamming chain The Guardian Cross Facebook card sale and many names that purchased from there or yraded with it's owners came from the third party security firm I contacted the mods gave them the info that I can but I am so sick of this now at this point that you can't do even the simplest of trades .

If only one of your accusations were true, you'd have something there. I am not Trev62 nor do I know who that individual is. The mods of this forum can verify that if he was a user on this forum by checking my public IP versus the account of his (if he had an account). I gave a negative report because you broke the trade agreement made which caused me to sit on a card that I wanted to trade since you signed off. If I deal with others and an agreement is made for a trade then the minute they get the trade they say that they are upping the price, I would do the same Reputation Report as I have done for you since it was a negative experience on my end. Please provide proof such as I have for the things you are accusing me of.
Gift Scam? Never received or sent a gift to you.
Stone Scam? Never sent a trade to you.
RMT? Please, please spend as much time as you possibly can looking into this so that you can waste as much time possible to find nothing as a punishment for making such ridiculous accusations.

Edit: This thread is to be reviewed by the mods of GCF, not to be disputed by the person on the other end. Since you have such a problem with how our business was conducted, I suggest you start a thread in this section as well. Remember, "Please be more descriptive and provide any proof you may have within the thread." -Source

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RE: Krunch:Colerimiz 09-03-2016, 01:00 PM
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Krunch Wrote:  I got messaged by several people on my friends list about you Trev52

Krunch Wrote:  i didnt say you were Trev52 i simply said i was warned about you

Just can't stop making things up can you?

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RE: Krunch:Colerimiz 09-03-2016, 01:14 PM
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Post Can you stop? You're literally making no sense and bringing the attention off of the focus of this thread. Like I said, post your own if you need to.

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