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Use Referral Code QA99418 5*/iii reward
Use Referral Code QA99418 5*/iii reward 10-09-2015, 08:46 AM (This post was last modified: 10-09-2015 08:51 AM by Savac.)
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Hi there!

I just came back to this game from a long hiatus. If you're doing the same thing as me, consider giving me your referral by using the code QA99418. I can offer four 5*s of your choosing from a list, as well as 1 full set of iiis and 5 4*s. I might even consider parting with my beloved ace manticore and my even more beloved sexy manticore.

If you use my code, send me a message informing me that you've done so. Once you reach level 20 send me another message and I will send over your stuff Smile

Available 5*:

Lvl 1 Powerful Mighty Promethius
Lvl 1 Cool Almighty Hecatoncheir
Lvl 1 Cool Mighty Graeae O' Love
Lvl 1 Brave Great Mephistopheles
Lvl 1 Powerful Mighty Grand Pawn Kaiser
Lvl 1 Brave Mighty Azazel
Lvl 1 Brave Mighty Idun
Lvl 1 Intelligent Mighty Lindwurm
Lvl 1 Chaotic Mighty Nike Claus
Lvl 1 Powerful Mighty Angra Mainyu
Lvl 50 Fast Mighty Chocobo Eater
Lvl 60 Fast Mighty Chocobo Eater
Lvl 1 Cool Mighty Snegurochka
Lvl 1 Chaotic Mighty Scheherazade
Lvl 1 Brave Great Impundulu
Lvl 1 Powerful Mighty Gandring
Lvl 1 Cool Almighty Valentine Spectre
Lvl 1 Cool Mighty Christmas Banshee

Lvl 1 Powerful Ultimate Nasuada
Lvl 60 Sexy Angra Mainyu

[Image: CIz1ku0.png]

IGN: Savac (iOS Player)

5* caught:
NHT: Old Gilga
SHT: Nike, Asmodeus, Hecatoncheir, Ultimate Nuada
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