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ALL USERS PLS READ: Template to use for case submission/reporting
ALL USERS PLS READ: Template to use for case submission/reporting 04-03-2014, 09:10 AM (This post was last modified: 06-01-2014 08:34 AM by Luci.)
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This sub forum is for people to report scammers as the title says. A general "Scammer IGNs list" is here as a separate thread.
Please provide evidence of the scam, simply saying somebody scammed you doesn't give us any reason to take action against that player.

To all users,
On behalf of all mods, in order to make things easier and more efficient for us to properly investigate and resolve any cases for you, we need you to provide us with adequate information so that we can proceed with investigations as quickly as possible. Below is a template that you should use when submitting a thread/post or pm to mods with all mandatory information. This section primarily deals with reporting those that have stolen in-game items or have (or likely have traded hacked in-game items). To report cheaters in the coliseum, Contact Square Enix

:Thread Titles:

For easy future reference, always include the forum name of the suspected individual as well as the known IGN in the following format for each thread title:

Forum Name:IGN

*please include multiples separated by commas if they apply*

If the Forum Name or IGN is not known, simply indicate as unknown in the thread title

Please do not make threads titled "Scammer" or "Potential Scammer" this is unnecessary information. Anyone reported here is suspected of this. Please be more descriptive and provide any proof you may have within the thread. This is to better promote community awareness about suspected scammers.

If an individual is found to be innocent please remove their names from the thread titles out of courtesy for the other person's privacy

:Description of Problem/ Main Body:

Requestor's Forum Nick: e.g your forum nick
Requestor's IGN: e.g. your IGN

Trader's Forum Nick: e.g. whoever is involved
Trader's IGN: e.g. whoever is involved
IOS or Android?:
Issue Type: e.g. Trade Scam/Catalog Scam
Description of the problem: e.g. Failed to gift me back 3x 5*

1) link the user profile in your thread to make it easier for mods to process your requests

2) forward all PM histories to a moderator(s) online

Once moderators received your information in this format, they will then check with relevant parties for resolution. Hope this helps! Thanks!

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