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iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting)
iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 03-05-2014, 07:21 AM (This post was last modified: 01-16-2015 09:55 PM by Remini.)
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Welcome to the GuardianCross Forum's Auction section!

General Information:
• The auctions rules clearly state what is and what isn't allowed. If you have any concerns that are not listed here, please send a private message to our moderators to address them.
• The Auction system has a prerequisite reputation criteria in-order to be eligible to use this section. If you do not meet the minimum reputation requirements of this section, DO NOT use this section until you're eligible to avoid any penalties.
• All auctions should be open and fair to all (who satisfy the reputation requirement) and no one shall neither be favoured nor disadvantaged.
• Every auction must have a start time, fixed duration with end time, point system and declaration of any special features used like extensions. The highest bidder at the end of the auction is the winner and both the winner and the auctioneer are obligated to complete the trade.
• Any form of complicity/collusion/deception/fraud/shill-bidding is an automatic ban for all guilty parties.
• Holding auctions for a friend who doesn't satisfy the reputation requirements himself is strictly prohibited and will be severely penalized if discovered.
• Please do not interfere in other user's auctions. Any form of disturbance, disruption or harassment during the course of the auction will be penalized.
• If any loop-holes within the rules are found, please report them to the moderators so they can be fixed. Attempts to circumvent or exploit loop-holes in the auction system will be penalized.
• Once an auction is over, please allow up to 24 hours for both parties to communicate.
Auction Disputes should be reported immediately. Click the report button on the relevant post and a moderator will attend to it as soon as possible.
• Auction scams should be reported using the "Report a scammer" section immediately.

Rules for Auctioneers:
• A minimum of 50 Reputation is required to hold Auctions.
• Each auction can have its own unique set of rules, but it must NOT contradict/override/manipulate any rules set in this thread.
• Auction rules CANNOT require/mandate bids to include a specific card or item.
• A point system is required in every auction. Auctioneers are also required to give the accepted skill-set for cards in their auction rules/point system.
• The auctioneer may include special clauses like "skill set requirement" in his/her auction. The implementation of such clauses is strictly the responsibility of the auctioneer. New clauses require moderator approval before implementing. Using any unapproved clause especially those that contradict or manipulate the existing auction rules will result in severe penalty with a possibility of ban.
• Auctioneers may request a minimum bid that is not outrageous/ridiculous in relation to the value of the auctioned item. This also means that hidden minimum thresholds are not allowed.
• Once a valid bid has been placed in the auction, the auctioneer cannot modify his points system/auction rules without moderator approval. In addition, they cannot back out of their own auction. Any attempt to modify or annul the auction without prior moderator approval will result in ban.
• The auctioneer MUST confirm every bid placed in the auction by quoting the bidder. Once this is done, the bidder cannot rescind his bid. Any attempt to rescind the bid will result in ban.
• Auctioneers may also request a buyout bid, but this MUST be indicated immediately at the beginning of an auction. Once a buyout bid is made, the auction ends immediately and the first person to offer the buyout is the winner.
• The auctioneer may use the 5-min-extension rule, but this MUST be indicated at the start of the auction and must be clearly mentioned in the opening post.
• No substitute auctioneers are allowed if the 5-min-extension rule is applied. The auctioneer must be present during the 5-min-extension warning times to extend and approve bids. Otherwise, the extension rule is void and the auction will end at the original time stated. In case of a void extension, the highest valid bidder before the original end time of the auction is the winner.
• All auction end times must take place on a round 5 minutes, i.e. XX:00, XX:05, XX:10, XX:15, etc., and not XX:07.

Rules for Bidders:
• A minimum of 25 Reputation is required to bid in Auctions.
• All bids must be posted in the thread. Any bids posted outside the auction thread will not be accepted. Bids via private messages, emails and any other form of communication will not be accepted.
• Bids must contain a detailed breakdown of cards and their respective values.
• A bid must have a value that is greater than the value of the current highest bid to be valid.
• If a bid has been placed and the you realize that another bidder placed a higher bid just moments before him, DO NOT modify your bid even if its during the 5 min extension time. Wait for the auctioneer to confirm the bids and after the auctioneer has posted, re-post a new bid with a higher value.
• Posts which contain bids cannot be modified. Editing or double-posting will invalid the bid. Any member repeatedly displaying such behavior will receive warnings and/or a ban.
• Purposely modifying your bids to invalidate them will result in an immediate ban.
• Bids are absolute. Once a bid is placed, the bidder must keep these guardians listed in the offer available until either the offer is beaten or the auction is won.
• Bidders must check the auction's point system. The cards in your bid must have skill sets that are accepted by the auctioneer.
• Bids need to be posted before the end time. I.e. End time is XX:00 then any bids at YY:59 are valid and bids at XX:00 are invalid as end time will have passed.
• Shill bidding is not allowed; all guilty parties will receive an automatic permanent ban.

Rules for the Special features:
A. Minimum bids
If you set a minimum bid, make it realistic. Keep it reasonable and reachable. For that reason, please observe the following rules of thumb:
Minimum bids cannot exceed the value of the card you placed upon similar cards within the same category. Example: You rate Cerulean Aces 1000 points. You have an Ace Lilith. Then your maximum minimum bid is only allowed to be at 1000 points.
B. Current Highest bid (C/O)
The auctioneer must track the current highest offer during the duration of the auction. The auctioneer must mention the current highest offer in the opening post from time to time.
C. Buyout bid (B/O)
If a buyout has been listed before starting the auction, once a buyout bid is met, the auction ends immediately and the first person to offer the buyout is the winner.
D. 5 min Extension rule
• This extension rule is optional. If you want to use this rule, it MUST be stated in your auction rules before starting the auction. This is currently the only extension rule approved by the moderators. You CANNOT make your own extension rule that differs from this one in any way.
• Auctioneers are required to be present at the extension time to approve bids, extend the auction and declare a winner. Because this rule is optional, auctioneers using this rule in their auctions must be prepared to be online in forums for as long as the extension period takes, be it to accept/reject bids or to declare a winner. Failure to do so will invalidate the extension.
• Only the members who have placed valid bids in the ORIGINAL time frame of an auction can participate(bid) during the extension.
For an auction that ends at 03:00hrs with the extension rule active, any of the users who bid at any time from auction start till 02:59:59 hrs qualify to bid during the extension time.
• The extension is triggered when the FIRST valid bid among many during the 5-minute warning period is posted. The 5 min warning period is the last 5 mins before the original end time.
For an auction that ends at 15:00hrs with the extension rule active, the 5-minute warning period is set at 14:55:00hrs to 14:59:59hrs. The FIRST of all valid bids made in this period will trigger the extension period.
• The extension is not limited to just once but can occur every time a valid bid is made within the 5 min time frame UNTIL there is no valid bid posted during the any extended 5-minute warning period.
For an auction that ends at 15:00:00hrs with the extension rule active, the first valid bid posted from 14:55:00hrs to 14:59:59hrs triggers the extension. The auction's end time is pushed back by 5 minutes to 15:05:00hrs, and the new 5-minute warning period is changed to 15:00:00-15:04:59hrs. The first valid bid made in that period of time triggers the extension again. The auction's end time is then pushed back another 5 minutes thus 15:05:00-15:10:59 with 15:10:00 being the end time. This cycle repeats until there is no valid bid made during the final 5-minute warning period of the auction.
• Many people bidding in any 5-minute warning window will not provide a larger extension period. The extension frame is fixed at 5 minutes. If 2 or more people make bids during ANY 5-minute warning period, the end time is pushed back for ONLY 5 minutes and a new 5-minute warning period is created.
• Between the buyout and the extension rule, the buyout has the higher precedence.
If the competitiveness of the auction is such that a buyout bid is met, the auction must end prematurely in spite of any first bid made during the current 5-minute warning period that triggers another extension. Even if a bid higher than the buyout is made, it will not be valid.

Recommended Practice(s) for Auctioneer/Bidder:
• Bidders should avoid casual chat and focus on posting legit bids. This reduces the likelihood of bidders posting more than necessary and accidentally invalidating their bid by 'including' their chat immediately after their bid. However, idle chit-chat not involving any bids will not be penalized.
• Auctioneers should CAREFULLY CHECK their auction rules/point system for accuracy and consistency BEFORE hitting the 'Post Thread' button. If you find a need to modify your points system after the auction thread is posted, please contact nutmagz, The Rock or Remini. If neither of them is online, contact another yellow moderator, and if no yellow moderator is online, contact an orange mod.
• Auctioneers should always quote their bidders. Once a bid has been quoted, even if the bidder tried to modify his bid later in an attempt to invalidate it, you will still have it quoted and it will be available as evidence.
• Auctioneers must confirm the bids. Especially when there is a skill set requirement. The onus is on the auctioneer. If the auctioneer confirms a bid or accidentally overlooks a bid with an incorrect skill set, the bid will still be considered valid despite the auctioneers skill set requirement clause. The skill set clause is not a rule of this forum. Any such clauses mandated by an auctioneer are the auctioneers responsibility to implement. Any new custom clause requires moderator permission before implementing.
• Bidders should check the point system carefully before bidding. Take your time to double-check your bid and its point value. All bids are serious and must not be modified. Do not place a bid in an auction you do not intend to win or if you do not have the items you promise the auctioneer in your bid. Failure to trade after winning an auction will result in ban.
• Both auctioneers and bidders are advised to be very careful, especially during the extension time. 5 minutes should be more than enough for auctioneers to approve bids and bidders to bid properly. The bidder should check the auction's point system to check the accepted skillset for each card listed; the auctioneer should ensure that he is receiving bids with his approved skill-sets if listed.

• To ensure that the forum enjoys a pleasant experience in this section, a Penalty System has been devised to deter forum members from mischief.

Auction Disputes
These must be reported as soon as possible. Because auction disputes affect not only the winning bidder & the auctioneer, but everyone who bid on the auction, you are not permitted to make private arrangements to resolve auction disputes.

You should notify a moderator under the following circumstances:
• If you win an auction and the auctioneer is unwilling to give you the item you won
• If the person who won your auction is unwilling or unable to pay their bid
• If the winning bid is invalid due to any auction bid violation eg: double post/editing
• If the auctioneer is absent during the duration and end of the auction
• If you notice any fraud/shill-bidding in any auction
• If you witness any of the above occurring even if you are not directly involved in the auction

Moderator(s) to contact:
• nutmagz/Remini/The Rock
• Other super moderators not listed above (users with yellow colored ID)
• Moderators (users with orange colored ID)

Penalty System (subject to change):
• First infraction = 20-50% temporary warning.
• Second infraction = temporary ban. (time period depends on rule broken)
• Third infraction = permanent ban.
• Any infractions that already has a different punishment stated will follow that punishment first

Note that any disregard for our forum auction rules will be dealt with severely. Please adhere to the rules so that you can enjoy this auction system as discussed by the moderators.

Any further questions about the above can be forwarded to a moderator. Questions can also be posted here, but will take slightly longer to receive a response.

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 03-05-2014, 07:22 AM
Post: #2
Post Nice revision on the auction rules Nut. Now hopefully there aren't anymore auction problems.

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 03-05-2014, 07:42 AM
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(03-05-2014 07:22 AM)geomonstaah Wrote:  Nice revision on the auction rules Nut. Now hopefully there aren't anymore auction problems.

Thanks! The moderators had a very good discussion on this and we hope this helps users better with understanding the most basic rules (colour specific), before reading on to understand the optional rules Smile

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 03-05-2014, 09:33 AM
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Post +1
finally up..
phew, just showing myself here, if any queries about auctions go to nutmagz Wink (Don't approach me Tongue)

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 09-08-2014, 10:29 AM
Post: #5
Post Hi,
May I ask what does double-posting means?

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 09-09-2014, 06:46 AM (This post was last modified: 09-09-2014 06:47 AM by The shrimp.)
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(09-08-2014 10:29 AM)mitorty_sp Wrote:  Hi,
May I ask what does double-posting means?

Basically it means making several seperate posts in a very short amount of time in the same thread,without anyone posting in between those posts.

Like this for example

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 09-10-2014, 12:52 AM
Post: #7
Post Oh ok. Thanks. Shrimp!

So why is double posting not allowed?
Is it to prevent users from making the auction thread confusing?

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 09-10-2014, 01:01 PM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2014 01:02 PM by silas.)
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(09-10-2014 12:52 AM)mitorty_sp Wrote:  Oh ok. Thanks. Shrimp!

So why is double posting not allowed?
Is it to prevent users from making the auction thread confusing?
if you do so, your post will turns "edited"

for example, this Tongue

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 09-11-2014, 08:29 AM
Post: #9
Post Oh that's why. Never knew this. Smile

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RE: iOS Auction Rules (Read before posting) 04-06-2015, 04:13 PM
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Post If I exploit lazy auctioneers is that bad?

Such as when they say

Unlisted acers

And bid 10 4* acers?

(Noting that it DOESNT say "5*" acers!)

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