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(UPDATE) TRADING SECTION RULES - MUST READ 03-09-2013, 05:39 AM (This post was last modified: 12-22-2014 03:08 AM by The Rock.)
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How to Use the Trading Section

Newly Added: Rep needed for Ace/Ace Reborn 5* trades

Warnings will be issued to all members who post anything mentioning cross trade to deadman cross, or any other games.

Please refer to cross trade rule


Imagine that you have these Guardian Cross Item(s) for trade:
Ace Thor
Ace Morrighan

Fast Phoenix
Int Lightning Lord

Almighty Powerful Juggernaut
Ace Qiong Ji
Intelligent Bune
Silver Slime
Gold Turkey
Wisdom (III)
Tempest Stone [Wind+4]

If you want to market them to other forum members, please create threads in the appropriate subsections. Match the colored cards above to the colored sections below.
  • Ace 5* Section
  • 5* Non Ace Section
  • Aura Section
  • Almighty/Mighty/Great Section
  • Stone/Feeders Section
  • Non 5* Section

How any thread title in the above trading post subsections should look like:
WTT: Ace Thor/Morrighan; WTB: Pow. Jug/Stat Stone
The thread must ALWAYS indicate what you have to trade (WTT). After that is done, you can then include want you want in an offer (WTB) in the title or within the thread.

If you are lazy to create multiple threads in the relevant subsections, use the Shops section to create one thread featuring all your Guardian Cross items!

The Auctions section is there if you wish to facilitate a trade differently. Read the rules here for more details.

The Looking For section is for forum members to look for a specific GUARDIAN only. Any thread in this section should ideally have a title like this (the 'LF:' is not necessary):
LF:Fast Shiva
and NOT

Use the other subsections if you are looking for offers!
Use Strategic Alliances for assistance in completing catalog pages.

Remember that the Trading Post is created to ensure SAFE IN-GAME TRADING.
  1. No cash, a.k.a. RMT (Real Money Trading)
  2. No codes for iTunes, or any others
  3. No external game items/cards/skins/etc
  4. No offering anything for referrals
  5. No levelling/rebirth/stoning services
  6. No selling of account-bound items. This includes Prismatic/Black Slimes and (IV) Stat Stones.
  7. No cross trading with non-Guardian Cross games. This includes Deadman's Cross.
  8. No offering Ace/Ace Reborn 5* cards, if you have reputation below 15 (iOS Int) / 10 (Android). Counts for every kind of advertising of said cards, and in every section.
Also, avoid trading Guardian Cross items that don't belong to you. You will be held liable.

Trading Section Warning System (Subject to Change)
  • First Offense: Week-long 20% Warning
  • Second offense: Month-long 50% Warning
  • Third Offense: 100% Permanent Warning
  • Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban/Trade-Restriction
  • Note that trading hacked cards, Real Money Trading (RMT) and cross-game trades outside of Guardian Cross will result in a ban without question.
  • Offering Ace /Ace Reborn 5* cards without the required reputation will lead to consequences up to a ban of the user.

Any threads that violate the rules stated above will be locked and/or deleted without warning. The forum is too big and active for us to explain to each individual why their thread has been locked or deleted. If your thread is gone, you can safely assume you have done something wrong.

The Moderators

PS: If you think the trade you got offered is too good to be true, it probably is the case. Better safe than sorry.

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Post Update with no cross trade to deadman cross

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Post Updated with the new Ace/R trading rule.

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