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Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide
Thumbs Up Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-12-2013, 11:39 PM (This post was last modified: 11-23-2013 10:14 PM by Zweisocki.)
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[Image: Introgoodies_zpsdc5cde45.jpg]
To another thrilling guide. Today's topic we tackle is Hunting...

[Image: riflehunter_zpsc76705ec.jpg]

I will tell you straight up you don't need to use up every nht to be a successful Guardian Master. Hell I would also say that you could probably auto-pilot this game and never have to hunt again if you spent 90% of your time on the forums wheeling and dealing up to gain better cards. But FUCK that shit! Its boring! I would rather take my silly little magic guardian rifle, go for the olympic gold and bust some fucking guardian shadows! So lets get too it! OORAH!

So Here is the Situation

You have 5 shots, roughly 4-5 seconds between reloads and 60 seconds on the clock. If you were a marval at shooting and all the guardians lined up on the exact same spot, took 5 shots to kill, this would mean you would be lucky to nail 10-12 every normal hunting ticket. Sounds pretty terrible but the average beginner nets even less than that and worries if they are doing something wrong. Trust me when i say we all were doing something wrong WE WERE FRIGGIN BEGINNERS! So now its time to do something RIGHT! right?


You wanna be the best? You wanna be the fucking Mark Wahlberg of killing shadows? [Image: shooter_zps750918ad.jpg]

Well lets start with some basic maintenance.

[Image: slj_zpse234fe0f.jpg]
As Samuel L. Jackson would say, "Clip your motherfucking fingernails and keep your motherfucking hands dry *****!"

[Image: b8e86482-34d7-4917-a3f1-47a37bd21e04_zps5372be4f.jpg]

Seriously... not only is it heathly practice to have but having your long fingernails can possibly in time stratch the screen you are working with. In an ergonomic way this will create less contact pressure ergo less control of your magic lefty finger of swiping doom and your indomitable right finger of precision deadly timed releases. I recommend keeping them short and hunter ready. LIKE A BOSS!

Sweaty fingers can gunk up your device, clog the screen and slow your speedy swiping ability, do you want your device to look like the dog just got done slobbering over it? HELL NO! The second hygiene task is to keep a small towel around. It may sound excessive but a few seconds here and there of slow swiping could mean the difference between getting that 5* bird shadow in bernside down and missing out by a shot or two (FUCKING HAPPENED TO ME! GRRR) So keep em dry and aim high. Hell even a humidifier can help keep the condensation off those lady pleasers.


A distracted hunter is a empty handed hunter. You wanna do well? You gotta shut out the world man, get some place quiet and dark and turn up the game sound or maybe some metal and bonus points if you know the band name behind Shoot to Thrill and play that while hunting.


I do alot better personally when im on the tablet in the barker lounge with pillow under the knees with the tablet on my lap. I work my cellphone better while standing for some reason... The point is get comfy and where you aren't restricting your elbows from moving around. If you haven't paid much attention to how you are holding your device or how goofy you look then you haven't been giving yourself much credit in putting yourself in a position for success.

Pick and Stick

[Image: SC20131112-144616_zps23715015.jpg]

I've been asked constantly where do i go to hunt? What to farm? blah blah blah. Its simple. What do you need? Feeders? 5* and 4*s? Do you need a large Farva? Well then assess where you might encounter the most of what you need. Once you do spend the time at that one hunting ground. I usually decide to keep it at a day and then try a new place the next day. This gives me the variety i need and keeps me from losing my bananas while hunting. Generally after every Big GV guardian i kill i will spend the rest of my tickets on Berneside or Snowfield needs depending.

The biggest grind is feeders, here are the best places to get them (imho)

Fire: Glaverow>Berneside
Its a 3:1 ratio on 2*s
Focus target Giants, beasts and slimes.. lol like you weren't already?!

Which can you kill faster in? Focus humans & beasts in Berny or Human, slimes & serpents in SRF

Wind: Deadmoon/Glaverow
Focus on beasts and birds

Lightning: Berneside/Deadmoon>Glaverow
Focus on Serpents and birds, its easier focusing in Berneside and in GV while hunting beasts you will encounter a lizard here and there as a L feeder.

Earth: Berneside/Deadmoon>Glaverow/Snowfield
Before the new guardian addition i caught an enormous amount of earthworms.. now i get better luck in Berneside hunting beast and giants. In Snowfield like 98% of the floats you see will be Satyrs for easy focus pickings.

Focus serpents in either. More 1*s in Glaverow for those 1-20 lvls and a common 3* as well.

Darkness: Berneside>Glaverow
With the new guardians Berneside gains another darkness guardian to slay. focus humans and beasts here. Aim for humans in GV and eventually one will be a Dark elf. Diablos also drops alot in Berny though very common 3*

Light: Glaverow>Berneside
With new guardians like a 4th of the bird drops you will see are now scarabs which really bite into my thunderbird farming but Glaverow is still the best for light guardians. 2 common 3* ponies along with a pig and some of Aragorn's undead LOTR army. Its no contest.

Death: Snowfield>Deadmoon/Berneside>Glaverow
Focus floats in Glaverow or cross fingers for a banshee in Berneside but if you need death feeders get your ***** to Snowfield and hunt down every human and doggie you can see cause they have 3 of em. On the plus side for Berny with the new guardians you can focus orbs and get the occasional Grim Reaper.

Mecha: Berneside/Snowfield
I prefer Berneside cause every float orb you see will be a Spriggan and not the gargantua you wish it to be so its easier to focus and look for. With so many beasts in snowfield and the harder difficulty you wont be catching too many metal predators...

None: Berneside>Glaverow/Deadmoon>Snowfield
Caught plenty all over the place and I still prefer Berneside. Its just easier overall.

Know your shadows!
[Image: Shadows_zps95beeb61.jpg]
Here is a handy picture chart i created showing you all the current shadows to target including the flashing yellow time bonus and break point red you will always want to find while hunting.

Use the Compendium!
Guardian Cross Compendium
Here is the guide that I have been using for all the hunting tips i learned. Made for the IOS version it has especially handy graphs that chart which guardians you should be targeting during Special hunting tickets. Its a must use for any solid hunter.

Lead the Target, Home Toggle and Buying Time

[Image: homebuttonNow800x500_zpsf54fcd23.jpg][Image: cellphonehome_zpsa865b1fb.jpg]

Home Toggle Trick and Buying Time

When the reloading feeder begins and you hear the sound of the "click" (hence why you turn the music up) that is when you want to hit your device's home button, wait approximately 2-3 seconds and then click your Guardian Cross game icon to immediately go back into the game without losing time on the hunting clock. Doing this especially when zerging on the big guardian can yield an amazing amount of saved time per ticket and increase your kill yield. Go to town suckas.

Zooming Out

The one caveat to the home toggling is that you will lose the couple of seconds some players use to seek out the next guardian shadow or use the map zoom to zoom out and then warp on top of the next shadow. Don't bother wasting time with this. Even if your device is instant and the location beacons came up instantly (which they don't) you are still losing valuable time. INSTEAD try to use that moment before the reloading click to swipe to the nearest red arrow and put yourself in position before hitting the home button. When you get on a serious roll you won't have to spend time looking for time bonuses and breaks they will come to you. Also with positioning try not to pin yourself into a corner of the map, try and stick to the middle and let the shadows run to you.

Leading the Target

Shadows like to dance around on you, especially in snowfield where they are going pretty damn fast. You will need to anticipate this movement and match the pace by staying ahead of the guardian shadow and lead in front of the target. Im right handed so i seem to do much better tracking left and upwards while tracking down and right seems to be more difficult for my left hand. This is especially true on the cellphone since my freaking hands are like Archer's Lana Lang size...

Storm Reach Snowfield

[Image: 92f39749-2bb8-4167-9b9f-77f9cccbc23a_zps47fb91b4.jpg][Image: 14fd9ccd-15cb-4f85-9d6d-6523c5aeea61_zps1b467704.jpg][Image: f08d562b-1105-4b38-9284-61ac1054bc98_zps46c8688c.jpg]
Some of the fun things that can happen in Snowfield include Frozen trigger which sucks and forces you to mash the shoot button for almost 8-9 seconds and frozen break which if you are fast and use the home toggle can net you 7-8 one shots in a single go.

IT'S A TRAP! Welcome to the Desert

[Image: newshadow_zps5321f5b5.jpg]
New Shadows to hunt the biggie is the beast and the second the lovely ladies each has a 5* to attain so shoot em down. Bang bang baby.

[Image: explosion_zps41afd47b.jpg][Image: mirage_zps3ba42705.jpg]

In the Deadmoon we have both Explosions with mines and Mirages. Just remember to keep moving when you hit mirages as time doesnt stop. Explosions will instant kill anything within the inner scope as you can see in the picture.

[Image: bonus_zpsef29bb3d.jpg]

Ultimate goal is to get into situations like this where i literally killed two birds with one stone. YES /fistpump. Anyways lead your target into the mine's range and pew pew you got yourself a crispy guardian. Mazel tov.

Zweisocki's Big Guardian Hunting!
[Image: Warning_zpsf08ba3dd.jpg]
Bahamut the current big guardian of Glaverow is a monster to take down but he can be beaten in a rather timely manner if you follow these simple instructions. You can significantly increase your damage to him per nht by abusing the home toggle feature and by timing the breaks (roughly 20 seconds apart) on the guardian. The internal timer for breaks continues to run whether in the game or not so i can confirm you could hit a break, toggle out for about 15 secs and go back in and hit another break. Done well you can get 3 break shots on BG which equals to fifteen shots in the span of a few seconds. Your goal when the 40 second warning goes off is to attempt to knock off around 20% of his health each go. Good Luck and don't rush yourself.

Slime Buddy

[Image: SC20131112-144912_zpsb04a027e.jpg]
As you can see here I am blessed to have a pair of alt accounts to utilize for this purpose but the concept of having a Slime Buddy is for you and your buddy to equally reject each other's slime gifts so that each hard working hunter gets 2 SS or GS for everyone they down.
IF you wish to be my Slime buddy indicate to me either on a email or a ingame mail and i will gladly do so. If you don't and i accept your gifts understand that i am at heart a greedy son of a bitch mwhahahahahah!

Screen Shot Wall of Fame.

You won't ever hear me brag like im the best in the world or anything. I do decent for the average gamer. Here are my hunting records so far. See if you can break em and post a screen shot right here for all to see of your current best hunts! Benchmarks for improvement and a swelling of the pride.
[Image: 20131109_121125_zpsb06f598a.jpg]
Personal Record for all hunting grounds.

[Image: commando_zps5bf70b18.jpg]
An Arnold Schwarzenegger Approved Guide

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 12:42 AM
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Post Damn son, you really outdid yourself on this guide. Made me laugh like crazy! I usually listen to, or want to listen to, "99 ways to die" by megadeth. Shit is ridiculous lol

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 01:09 AM
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Post This is fucking class!! well done bro!!

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 04:43 AM
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Post Awesome guide as aswell. Mandatory typo correction *Berneside

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 06:00 AM
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(11-13-2013 04:43 AM)crepitus Wrote:  Awesome guide as aswell. Mandatory typo correction *Berneside

Oh my bad I will correct those when I get to work today. Thanks fellas

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 06:26 AM
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Post Amazing guide 2 thumbs up

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 07:42 AM
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Post wow... it works..... thanks

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 09:47 AM
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Post ok fixed all the bernesides and added a blurb about slime buddies and the zoom out feature and cleaned up some language some punctuation, etc etc. Thanks for the critiques guys keep it coming.

Also included a hunter's record challenge. Post your screen shots in the thread so we can all be dazzled by your awesomeness Wink

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 10:12 AM
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Post [Image: 537.gif]

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RE: Master Hunter's Codex - GC Android Guide 11-13-2013, 12:02 PM (This post was last modified: 11-13-2013 12:03 PM by BoomerBaby.)
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Post omg thanks soooo much!!

Oh that's right. I wanted to ask you have you ever done any cool hunting things, like for example, some times when hunting I see two shadows walking RIGHT ON TOP of each other, have you ever shot them like this, and did it hurt both of them? Etc. any other weird things like this?


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