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[Ended] Starter death/mecha deck collection [C/O: ]
[Ended] Starter death/mecha deck collection [C/O: ] 06-01-2016, 05:56 AM (This post was last modified: 06-04-2016 06:14 AM by Emmanuelzb.)
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You are bidding on (together) a starter death/mech collection!

AceR Clotho of Calamities FS
(Death +4, DS, SSD)

Sonic Chimeratec Dragon FS
(QS, RL, DS)

AceR Sargatanas FS
(QS, Impervious, Rendburst)

AceR True Morrighan FSeMP/WIS
(QS, GS, LS)

CoolR Almighty Lilim FS
(Death +4, SV, Entrust)



End time

Saturday, june 4, 2016 at 14:00:00 (GMT)



No double posts
NO 5 minute extension
Place all bids in thread
Minimum 25 rep to place a bid
Please, specify the points of your bid
NO DUPLICATES (even if different types)
Any Level, Unreborn and Unstoned accepted, unless otherwise especified
Reborn full level cards need to have the skillset listed
(I reserve the right to not accept certain skillsets)

Bold/Wise/Intelligent/IntelligentR/Chaotic/ChaoticR Clause:

Bold/Wise can only apply to their respective cards. A bold phy card can be eligible and a Wise ele card can be eligible. This is just to clear up any loophole opportunities. For example, bold duma is eligible but bold archmage isn't, while wise archmage is eligible but wise duma isn't.

Point System

Tier 1

Ace/AceR: 90 pts
Sonic: 70 pts
Bold/Wise/Fast/FastR: 35 pts
Intelligent/IntelligentR/Chaotic/ChaoticR: 17 pts
Cool/CoolR: 13 pts
Sexy/SexyR: 12 pts

Eligos (CoolR not accepted, Cool accepted)
Eligos Sonic: 80 pts
Maria Heinlein
Night Bloom Iblis
Night Bloom Iblis Brave/BraveR/Stalwart: 12 pts

Tier 2

Ace/AceR: 40 pts
Sonic: 35 pts
Fast/FastR: 15 pts
Chaotic/ChaoticR/Bold: 13 pts
Cool/CoolR/Brave/BraveR/Stalwart: 12 pts
Sexy/SexyR/Erotic: 11 pts

Pumpkin Princess Clotho (Brave/BraveR/Stalwart not accepted)
Pumpkin Princess Clotho Sexy/SexyR/Erotic: 13 pts
Marine Eris

Tier 3

Ace/AceR: 30 pts
Sonic: 20 pts
Bold/Wise/Fast/FastR: 11 pts

Airgetlam (Bold/FastR not accepted, Fast accepted)
Lilim Dolce
Deus Ex Machina
Imperial Judgment
Abyssmala (Fast/FastR/Sonic not accepted)
Abyssmala Wise: 20 pts
Abysmala Intelligent: 11 pts

Tier 4

Ace/AceR: 20 pts

Earthbound Angel
Clotho of Summertide
Clotho of Summertide Sonic: 12 pts
Lachesis of Nightmares
Lachesis of Nightmares Sonic: 12 pts
Zeno Centaur
Zeno Centaur Sonic: 12 pts
Mech Argus
Mech Argus Sonic: 12 pts

Tier 5

Ace/AceR Mordred: 12 pts
Sonic Mordred: 12 pts
Ace/AceR Eris: 12 pts


Only level 70 full stoned accepted
Max one bordered by bid

Sonic Almighty Dark Emperor: 10 pts
Sonic Almighty Sigrun: 10 pts
Sonic Almighty Mech Argus: 8 pts
Sonic Almighty Lilim: 8 pts
Sonic/Wise Almighty Earthbound Angel: 8 pts

IGN: Cait_Sith
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