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[Read before asking] FAQ - Updated Feb 12, 2014 - Mephist0 - 02-23-2013 12:02 AM

Being a Q&A section veteran, I see a lot of the same questions being asked day-in and, introducing the Q&A FAQ.

Q. How much does a particular skill cost?

Ability Guide

Q. What does ______ silhouette refer to?

[Image: ZawGIVv.jpg]

Q. Why can't I use a certain card for Rebirth even though it's an acceptable sacrifice?

A. There are basic criteria that must be met first before a card is eligible to be either a rebirth card or sacrifice.

1) Both cards must be at maximum level.
2) Sacrifice card cannot be in either field or coli deck.
3) Sacrifice card must be non-bordered UNLESS it is exact same card (i.e. Almighty Golbez & Almighty Golbez).

Q. What happens to my stones on Rebirth?

A. Stat stones from both cards will transfer to the reborn. Skill stones added to either card prior to Rebirth will be lost. If both cards are FS, all of the base card's stones transfer but only 10% of the sacrifice card's stone transfers resulting in a huge waste. If only one of the cards is FS, the reborn card will need approximately 40-60ish more stat points in each stat to be considered FS.

Q. What are the new Rebirth types?

Beserk = Powerful + Powerful (ATK+15%, AGI-15%)
Bold = Chaotic + Chaotic (HP+15%, WIS-15%)
Erotic = Sexy + Sexy (MP+15%, HP-15%)
Sonic = Fast + Fast (AGI+15%, DEF-15%)
Stalwart = Brave + Brave (DEF+15%, MP-15%)
Wise = Intelligent + Intelligent (WIS+15%, ATK-15%)

Q. What about Ace, Cool and if I don't have a pair?

A. Aces, Cool and non-pairs will retain the type of the base card and all of its traits. They will also learn new skills just like a pair would at 60 (4*) and 70 (5*). No, pairing an Ace with another will not give you a super Ace, nor will pairing two cool give a super cool Cool guardian; now, go pair your ace/cool with anything else that is an undesirable type.

Q. Can I rebirth bordered cards?

A. Absolutely but they don't learn a new skill at level 70 like non-bordered reborns do. Bordered cards can be reborn with other bordered cards as long as they are the same border (Great & Great, Mighty & Mighty, Almighty & Almighty). Bordered cards can also be reborn using appropriate non-bordered cards but this tends to be costlier since non-bordered cards are usually more valuable. All other Rebirth rules apply.

[Image: GCRebirthCompatibility_zps193f7173.png]

Click here for additional info on rebirth.

Q. What and how much do I have to feed my card to level it?

A. Anything but stone can be used to level a card but the most common things are 1*, 2*, 3*, SS/GS & lvl55 4*. How much depends on what you feed.

Generally you'd use 1* up to lvl10-15, 2* up to lvl30, 3* up to lvl45 and then finish leveling with SS/GS. You do receive an elemental bonus if the feeder and base card have the same element. It takes 60SS to got to lvl55, 69SS to lvl60 and 89SS to lvl70.

The most GP-efficient method is to use lvl55 4*. A lvl55 4* is worth about the same as 15SS regardless if same element or not. It takes 4 lvl55s to go to lvl55, 4 lvl55 and 9SS go to lvl60 and 6 lvl55 to go up to 70.

Q. What do I do if I get the "Illicit Card" message?

A. First thing, don't panic. If you haven't done so, record your support code by going to the Record screen and either write it down or take a screenshot. Next is to try and recall who you received the card from and try to gather any and all PM's or other correspondence to support the audit trail of the trade. These are your insurance policy in the rare event SE decides to ban your account.

Now some have had luck rebirthing illicit cards by trying a few times until it allows you to do it. This could otherwise turn an illicit card into a legit card. If that fails after a few attempts, you may be forced to part ways with what was a prized trade and feed it to one of your other cards.

Q. What new skill will my 4*/5* learn after Rebirth?

A. Here's a link to a thread maintained by Remini that has skills learned before/after Rebirth.

Q. What are Aura/EX cards and how do they work?

A. Aura cards, known in the JP version as EX cards, are support cards that are added to your deck. There are two kinds of auras cards:
First kind is red bordered: those will increase certain stats of certain cards
Second kind is blue bordered: those will affect certain skills, either increase the success rate or the effect, among others

You can have one of each kind in your deck. You will see two slots in the deck editing menu, that is where you can add the aura cards to your support deck.

To remove cards in the Aura slots, simply choose the cards already in the slot.

More to come...

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - Mephist0 - 02-23-2013 07:47 AM

Sadly even after I post this, these questions still get asked.

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - Imperial2 - 02-23-2013 09:12 AM

Bump for usefulness !!

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - mikier - 02-23-2013 09:18 AM

Definitely should be stickied. Other stuff that might be worth adding is exp per ss/gs. As those seem to pop up often as well

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - Mephist0 - 02-23-2013 09:28 AM

On my list Smile

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - VIKING - 02-23-2013 09:55 AM

Big thank you! I myself would DEFINATELY have asked those questions and added to the clutter. My search engine skills suck apperently!

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - Phoenix - 02-23-2013 10:20 AM

Bump. Very helpful information that is difficult to find.

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - breezy - 02-23-2013 10:59 AM

To my knowledge, Last Stand uses all remaining MP like Self-deconstruct, not just 1. Anyway, thanks for your FAQ!

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - Alan - 02-23-2013 11:02 AM

Last stand does use all the mp but u need at least one. This is not because last stand consumes more than one mp but because from the definition of the implementation of LS, it is basically a revive with 1hp and 1mp.

RE: FAQ [Mods please sticky] - breezy - 02-23-2013 11:06 AM

How about this information? Is it true?
Mephist0 Wrote:Sacrifice card must be non-bordered UNLESS it is exact same card (i.e. Almighty Golbez & Almighty Golbez).
I think it should be "Almighty Golbez" + "Golbez"?