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RE: Translation guide for JP GC terms - Tarothin - 10-20-2013 11:19 PM

That's correct, I should probably update all the actual names and add the new ones too, will do that later today, hehe.

RE: Translation guide for JP GC terms - Rhea - 10-21-2013 12:13 AM

The few other skills that are not yet on the OP list:

アルティメットガード(防御+40%) MP 1000 Ultimate Guard: Def+%

グラビティウェーブ(敵素早さ-40%) MP 1000 Gravity Wave: Agility-40%
サイキックブラスト(敵賢さ-40%) MP 1000 Psychic Blast: Wisdom-40%

呪縛(呪い) MP 0 Curse: Roughly 85% Chance to damage opponents MP by 15% upon your cards' death*
ソウルスラッシュ(HP消費攻撃) HP1000 Soul Slash: 1.5x Physical Damage with 100% Accuracy

Curse might seem like crap at first sight, but it's not that too bad. What it does is leave the enemy card almost left with no MP (assuming they used most of it to KO your card), so your next card should have a much easier time with it. This is especially nice if the MP' drained enemy card is an LS\DS'er etc. So the only remaining threat would be scratch (assuming enough mp is drained), or stop Dagons from double kills. Might be limited use, but it's not so bad.