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Coliseum Memorial - Mirai - 01-28-2015 01:54 PM


Welcome to my Coliseum Rank Memorial.

Here your best coli rank will be recorded with your own personal card.
You may submit for two cards. One for Novice and one for Master.
If you don't want 2, then just submit one.

Post your IGN.

Post the Attribute the card should have. (Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Poison, Death, Mecha, Darkness, Light, None)
You can choose the attribute the card should have.

Post your best coli rank and which coli it was(either the number or the almighty you won).
Post what you can remember. Everything will be accepted: Rank, the card you won, the number of the coli you were best or even only the type of border you won.
Rank: unknown, won a mighty
Rank: Almighty Lady of the Vortex
Rank: S+
Rank: 1

Upon request I can add a distinction between Master's and Novice Coli.
Just add the lines
Coli: Master
or Coli: Novice
to the post.
If they are left out, there will be no Masters or Novice in the ATR Field. And cards will look like my Siren below.

Post the card frame the card should have. (Non-border, Nova, Almighty, Mighty, Great, Lesser, Blue Aura, Red Aura)
Ok you can choose your border, since this will make the cards more diverse and personal.
NEW BORDER added: Lesser

Post which guardian you want on your card. Can be the best one of your team or the border you won or your favourite card.
You can chose the art on your card. You can now ask for a special feature for the art(mainly changing colors Tongue) See xaveon23 or Signal and Ramuh for examples.

I'll attach all images here.

Please use these examples in you post.

Name: IGN
Attribute: Wind
Rank: 0, Coli #0 (Note: If you don't know which coli you were best in, the post the card you won. If you don't know which rank you were, then post the type of border you won.)
Coli: Master
Frame: Almighty
Image: Imp
Description: BlahBlah

The card will look like this:

Name: IGN
Attribute: Wind
Rank: 0, Coli #0 (Note: If you don't know which coli you were best in, the post the card you won. If you don't know which rank you were, then post the type of border you won.)
Coli: Novice
Frame: Almighty
Image: Imp
Description: BlahBlahBlah


Name: Mirai
Attribute: Death
Rank: 17, Christmas Coli 2014 (74th) - Alm Nike Claus (either of those is fine)
Frame: Almighty
Image: FFV Siren(My first AceR, and one of my favourite cards)
Description: Golden Chocobo

NOTE: Here the line Coli: Master is left out, so the image will look like this:


Please stick to these examples when posting. Thanks.
NOTE: Please post the stats of your current team, if you are still playing GC. Go to Reorganize Party --> Recommended Party. Thanks. And also write a description for your card.

Those are mostly for bragging puroses. You can download the cards, use them as avatars, frame them, print them, use as wallpaper on your phone...whatever you can think of
If enough submissions are entered, I may have a surprise for everyone(working on it...)
I'm looking forward to your submissions.

NOTE: The stats of your team aren't that important... if you don't have them it doesn't matter.
I moved all images to the posts below.

RE: Coliseum Memorial - Mirai - 01-29-2015 03:40 AM

[Image: MisterX_zpsh0po5q0w.jpg?t=1422702405][Image: xaveon23__zpspcafrohv.jpg?t=1422702395]
[Image: sqrozbaek_zpsvfiwjgic.jpg?t=1422702398][Image: mise_zpse2kuetor.jpg?t=1422702396]
[Image: Strider_official_zpshbxdbieb.jpg?t=1422754395][Image: stopme_zpsdmut8cuz.jpg?t=1422821958]
[Image: nashens_nov_zpstabrtab0.jpg?t=1423248311][Image: Mitza_zpsos7hivno.jpg?t=1422821964]
[Image: aznsaiyan_zpsyepw2bzg.jpg?t=1422821965][Image: JCMania_zpsd0ua6hd6.jpg?t=1422821966]
[Image: NoWun1_zpspufddarl.jpg?t=1422827118][Image: arethusa_zpslvenazma.jpg?t=1422870623]
[Image: nashens_zpslnf0cqyc.jpg?t=1422870560][Image: Chypher_zpsugcpynfr.jpg?t=1423509483]
[Image: liuzhijian_zpspptvjhct.jpg?t=1425575009][Image: TPiddy_zpsbceiuxbc.jpg?t=1425575004]
[Image: OnceLost_zpsli7d4uio.jpg?t=1425575008][Image: Arsenal_zpsepkwucoz.jpg?t=1426366409][Image: NightStars_zpst26sdlnj.jpg?t=1426366408][Image: TeamBlah_zpsamhlurqu.jpg?t=1426366407]

RE: Coliseum Memorial - Mirai - 01-29-2015 09:37 AM

[Image: %20%20_zpsevqqw0tc.jpg?t=1422702389][Image: Visitante_zps6pbgpejk.jpg?t=1422796500]
[Image: card50001_zpspmdobxq7.jpg?t=1422867076][Image: Signal_zpsnimasj2b.jpg?t=1422702400]
[Image: Ramuh_zpswflrpvby.jpg][Image: el%20bart_zps4iuqiqel.jpg?t=1422702403]
[Image: 12121arjun_zpsgsvtpnyg.jpg?t=1422871728][Image: dixidax_zpsidtwjuz4.jpg?t=1422821969]
[Image: VonBak1_zpshsbsemvf.jpg?t=1422829729][Image: vamplord71_zps3fpsu4iw.jpg]
[Image: prodigy_6_zpsdidhf7ey.jpg?t=1422919609][Image: SIL_HUN_zpsux3x79r5.jpg?t=1422999238]
[Image: EricVonBak_master_zpsfwisgyi2.jpg][Image: hammerlock_zpsmw2ypvjw.jpg?t=1423246139]
[Image: Tiangtlho_zpszebrzz3x.jpg?t=1423509482][Image: Irw_zpski4xeqzb.jpg?t=1423872180]
[Image: Dingo85_zpsc2euh09b.jpg?t=1423872185][Image: Eidolass_zpsmt1zvsum.jpg?t=1424123922]
[Image: Beowolf_zpss6vpnyaj.jpg?t=1424814023][Image: Gelthrex_zps9c1txmr8.jpg?t=1424814326]

RE: Coliseum Memorial - BoomerBaby - 01-29-2015 10:35 AM

They look awesome so far!!

RE: Coliseum Memorial - Mirai - 01-30-2015 03:18 AM

(01-28-2015 06:51 PM)LUvikes29 Wrote:  IGN: sqrozbaek
coli: andromeda Masters
rank:13 S+ 2350 points
card Oasis Sphinx
border blue (if possible or if you have a theme stick with that)
average attack of that team was around 4000 but it has alm abby and alm dagon, so that's not a great statistic. I'm pretty sure the team was:
alm coolR abby
alm cool R dagon
alm stalwart succy
BraveR gandring
braveR barbie
BraveR andro
aceR graeae
sonic nike
coolR angra Mainyu
Sonic FFV Siren

Cool project!
Reposting your Entry.

RE: Coliseum Memorial - Mirai - 01-30-2015 03:50 AM

Updated the images. Moved images in extra posts.

RE: Coliseum Memorial - Mirai - 01-30-2015 07:35 AM


Come on peepz. There will be no discrimination if you aren't S or S+. I need more entries.

Also to show off the nova frame and that there are some nice below 5* cards too, to chose the art from.
[Image: Twilight_Banshee.jpg]

RE: Coliseum Memorial - Mister X - 01-30-2015 10:59 AM

Name: Mister X
Attribute: Darkness
Coli: M, Alm Limdwurm, S+ , Rank 143
Frame: Nova
Image: 4th picture after google "mister X" on smartphone.

Hope you take the right Wink

It has a red Background

RE: Coliseum Memorial - NoWun - 01-30-2015 04:48 PM

Name: NoWun's Light Slime
ATR: Light/None
Coli:Master's Impundulu A+ 227
Image: 1/6 of the image 1* Slime
1/6 of the image 2* red slime
1/6 of the image 3* silver slime
1/6 of the image 4* gold slime
1/6 of the image 5* black slime
1/6 of the image 5* prismatic slime

If that's too much then do this

Same coli
Image:Boon of the Gods

RE: Coliseum Memorial - xaveon23 - 01-30-2015 07:58 PM

Late post Big Grin
Name : xaveon23
Coliseum : Master's
Guardian : Snegurochka
Rank : 5 (S+) 4200-ish points
Memorial's card image : Snegurochka (+ Blue border)
Memorial's card attribute : Water

Statistic of the team : (I don't remember >.<)
Cards included in that special coliseum's deck :
Alm CoolR Morrighan
Alm Bold Valentine Specter
Alm CoolR Marchosias
AceR Gargantua
AceR Nike
AceR Vampire (yes 4* vampire XD)
CoolR Chariot
CoolR Cethleen
Sonic FFV Siren
Berserk FFV Gilgamesh

Is that all? @_@