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Newbies Guide to The Forum - starfire9981 - 10-31-2014 07:01 PM

I know how everyone feels when they first got into a new game and a new forum. Its just, well, hard to start somewhere. I hope this guide will let you have a better understanding of the forum to fully enjoy the gameplay.
I will be going from the top of the page to the bottom of the page so it is easier to follow what i am saying.

Before i start, there will be acronyms used, so this is a list of acronyms mostly used.

Guardian Cross Logo
This is just the logo, and when you click on it, it will bring you to the home page of Guardian Cross Forum.

Go ahead and click on them and see what they do.
Mostly used are usually Search. You can search for any topic and any person you want to find.

Logged in as... (User CP)
The user CP is where you can see your own profile, including your latest threads. On the left, theres a menu where there are loads of things to click on.
Compose - write a private message to a forum member.
Inbox - Sent items/Draft/Trash can. Just like a normal email.
Tracking - Last opened pm.
Edit folders - Place where you can delete folders.
Edit profile - Password, Email, Avatar, Signature (shows below posts)
And theres other stuff under those, so be sure to check them out!

View New Posts | View Today's Posts | Private Messages (Unread xxx, Total xxx)
Basically, these links so what they are called. Private messages is another link for going into your inbox.

Main Forum format
On the left, the blue circle shows that the forum contains new posts. continuing on, theres the blue font which is the link. Below that, there is a short description of the link. On the right, theres a column of "last post". Click on the link (below the link is the user's name who posted last) and it will send you to the latest post of the forum. To the right theres "Threads" which shows how many threads are in that forum, then there is "Posts" which shows how many posts are in that forum.
What is the green arrow beside the forum title? It brings you to the latest post in that thread.

Each own forum section has its own rules.
These are the general rules:
Be sure to check the Important threads before posting in that section!

Click on the important threads before posting anything!
To create a new thread, Click on "NEW THREAD" under the notification of "Threads are closed when the last post is 14 day(s) old." Go ahead and say hi to everyone!

Invite and Referral Codes
There are 3 links under this one, which is iOS Android Japanese. IOS is for apple players, Andriod is for Andriod players and Japanese is the japanese version of guardian cross. You can post your own referral code there.

Strategic Alliances
There are 3 links under this one, which is iOS Android Japanese. Same thing as the invite section. This is the place where you can join an alliance and share gameplay experience, and help each other out!

There are 3 links under this one, which is iOS Android Japanese. Just like the first 2. Here, people gives away their cards for free with some creative inputs!

Cross Version Trades
This is where you can cross trade with other versions of guardian cross. IOS, Android, Japanese.

Report a Scammer
If you find someone is fishy or has scammed you (hopefully not), Post a thread there and soon mods will do something about it Wink

IOS - General|Q&A|Tips and Tricks|Colisuem|IOS trading post
General is where you chat about anything related to GC.
Q&A is where you can ask questions and just solve any confusion.
Tips and Tricks is where some vet players will give good advice to improve and enjoy your gameplay.
Coliseum is where we discuss about the current Coliseum that is going on.
IOS Trading post has many sub forums. If you would like to trade a card, you can post your list in the CORRECT section.

Android - General|Q&A/Tips and Tricks|IOS trading post
Same as IOS, but for Android players

Japanese - General|Japanese trading post
Same as IOS and Andriod, but for japanese players.

Off Topic - Lounge|Other Mobile Games|Forum Suggestions|Fan art
Lounge a place where you can chat about anything.
Other Mobile Games is a place where you can talk about other mobile games.
Forum Suggestions is where you can suggest any ways to improve the forum or a new section you would recommend to add.
Fan Art can be about GC or anything in general. Signature services are also applicable.

Board statistics
Shows members who are online, Birthdays, and forum's current time.

Log Out | Mark All Forums Read | Forum Team | Forum Statistics
Log out - Log out of your account.
Forum Team - Shows the forum members who are mods (and admin).

You can change the theme in the bottom right of the home page.

I hope this guide helped!
Feel free to send me any pm about any questions you have Smile
If i missed out anything, please point it out!

RE: Newbies Guide to The Forum - Chot - 10-31-2014 07:24 PM

rated this

RE: Newbies Guide to The Forum - Huntress13 - 10-31-2014 07:47 PM

Add one more
FIRST thing to do:

Read the CODE OF CONDUCT to know what you are supposed and not supposed to do

RE: Newbies Guide to The Forum - Chot - 10-31-2014 08:36 PM

did you?

RE: Newbies Guide to The Forum - Huntress13 - 10-31-2014 08:36 PM

I did

RE: Newbies Guide to The Forum - starfire9981 - 10-31-2014 10:10 PM

Got it! Thanks all ^^

It is in the rules section though...

RE: Newbies Guide to The Forum - starfire9981 - 11-06-2014 04:06 AM

Thank you mods for Sticking this Smile