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---Giveaway RULES---10/23/2014---PLEASE DO NOT BEG FOR GC ITEMS - Brett123 - 01-30-2013 07:45 AM

Rule #0 - To give away any Guardian Cross items (be it Guardians or Stat/Skill Stones), you should have built up at least 20 rep points (rule in effect from 11th of May 2013); Taking part with multiple forum accounts in Giveaways is unfair and absolutely not allowed.

Rule #1 - No cross-game giveaways (Not exhaustive: referrals/other-game cards/guardians/stones)

Rule #2 - Don't beg for any Guardian Cross items.

Rule #3 - Don't beg for any Guardian Cross items.

Rule #4 - This forum section is for hosting GIVEAWAYS - Don't beg for any Guardian Cross items.

Rule #5 - Be happy that people are giving away any Guardian Cross items. Don't get upset if their way of giving away is "stupid" or "unfair." It is their choice of how they want to give away THEIR possessions!

Rule #6 - Don't beg for any Guardian Cross items - The moderators will close your thread if you do.

Rule #7 - Please add a date tag before or after your giveaway title in this format: [DD/MM/YYYY]. <--Added 4/4/2013 By Sorairo

Rule #8 - Due to the constant conflicts and doubts about the legitimacy of the Guardian Cross items being handed out, we now require you to have at least 20 Rep to be able to host a giveaway. Any violations will be warned and deleted. Repeating offenses will result in severe consequences. <--Added 5/17/2013 By Sorairo

Rule #9 - Due to the many who have been taking part in multiple giveaways with many forum accounts, we want to point out again the Code of Conduct here. Any single person is only allowed to have one forum account, violations will result in permanent ban to all forum accounts. <-- Added 5/27/2014 By Remini

Rule #10 - A big THANK YOU would always be nice to everyone following the rules, to the giveaway hosters and to those who make giveaways fun by taking part Smile

Suggestion: Giveaway holders should post what IGN they will be sending the Gifts from clearly in the OP. This is so that the people receiving the free items will not be paranoid when they see Gifts from unknown IGNs.

Edit by nutmagz @9/11/13 to ensure no guardian cross items are given without minimum rep.
Edit by Remini @5/27/14 to clarify no one is unfairly taking part in giveaways with multiple forum accounts.
Edit by BoomerBaby @10/23/2014 to help "Winners" know what IGN will send their prizes.

Thank you.

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - eharr24 - 01-30-2013 07:46 AM


Ok. Sad

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - BlazenFury - 01-30-2013 07:47 AM

Hey, thanks Brett! Smile

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - Crown Clown - 01-30-2013 08:08 AM

so r u havin a giveaway?

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - Latios - 01-30-2013 09:26 AM

Please add something that's really Giveaway's rule, such as you can't have people who participate to use your invite code (see this in someone's post, can't remember it), etc.

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - Dailonic - 01-30-2013 09:30 AM

Hi i am a newbie who just started this game this minute, and i heard from a friend about this amazing forum with generous people. So if u have any unused spare cards u are willing to do away with, i will be more than happy to accept them ^^

my IGN-Dailonic

wait....can ppl see my join date in forum o-o dam......

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - Brett123 - 01-30-2013 09:31 AM

(01-30-2013 09:26 AM)Latios Wrote:  Please add something that's really Giveaway's rule, such as you can't have people who participate to use your invite code (see this in someone's post, can't remember it), etc.

Thanks - rule added

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - MightyRoar - 01-30-2013 11:36 AM

Yay ur first sticky as mod Big Grin aint that right?

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - Riddler - 01-30-2013 04:33 PM

Rule: If a giveaway is started, there is no backing out of it. It's sort of like abuse of the post and trolling people.

Also, requiring people to give you something in return should be banned if it's not mentioned in the OP.

This blew my mind when it happened.

Crisius Wrote:
Riddler Wrote:
Crisius Wrote:
Riddler Wrote:
Crisius Wrote:
Riddler Wrote:
Crisius Wrote:
Riddler Wrote:When will I receive the prize?
Anytime u want, just send me a trade whit 5 craplings
I don't have any, I always sell them right away. You can't gift it to me? IGN: Team CID
Come on, How hard can be caughting 5 1* star cards? I dot want to gift IT because is that way that SE bann people
You'll only get banned if it's fake :|

I sent one.
... Im sick of this, i only asked for 5 feeders, How hard can IT be, come on.
So Mr four star giveaway do as i want or i Will give bahamut to The other guy. I have done many giveaways before and NOBODY has refused to give me 5 feeders.
I just think it's silly that you're running a "giveaway" and asking for something in return. Sent.
Think anything u want, that of asking something in Return Was The most stupid think i ever heard of in this forum. anyway i already send it, please Dont take part in any future giveaway i make.

RE: ------Giveaway RULES------ - Latios - 01-30-2013 08:57 PM

Addition Rule (Errrm.. not seem like a rule, just something that should do. In my opinion, anyway.)
- If there is something change in the rule, please do something to let people know that "it was changed", such as, use "edited#...", use color, use bold, etc. And in some cases, not just edit it without anything to notify them. The purpose here is to help all players to still have their chances, not just lost them because they do something right for the old rule but wrong for the new one.
- You have to keep your words. If you say you will give, you have to give.
- Etc.

Maybe, you should add "participant's rule", too (again.. seem like what should be done or keep in mind), such as...
- If giveaway required you to confirm something back when you win, you should frequently check on that thread and make sure that 'if you win, you will know it quickly'. So, in case of you have to choose something before the other one, he or she can get their reward before they forgot about that giveaway and lost their chance to get those thing just because someone's fault.
- Even if you help those who make up giveaway in some way, such as, do summary, do many bump, give them card to increase prize or help on finding some information, it's still their (giveaway's owner) decision to decide on whether they will give some reward for those who help them or not.
- Don't choose, if rule don't allow you.
- Please read the whole rule before participate.
- Etc.